Pain Management

Great News!! The pain management team at Bougainvillea Clinic has recently been expanded by the addition of Dr. Cris Rincon Aznar, Anesthesiologist.

Dr. Rincon offers his services in the evaluation and management of complex painful conditions, in particular with the management of medications for pain and some procedures like epidural injections and regional nerve blocks. Treatment of chronic pain medications often requires multiple medications which are prone to drug interactions between themselves and with other medications taken for associated medical conditions. As an Anesthesiologist and certified General Practitioner with training in pain management, Dr. Rincon is able to offer valuable service in relieving suffering from complex chronic painful conditions and in the management of required medications.

Dr. Rincon's services complement those pain management services already being offered by our physiotherapist and orthopedic surgeon.

At Bougainvillea Clinic we are now offering epidural steroid injections, facet Joint injections for back pain and sciatica ( leg pain), local joint and trigger point injections, TENS, other forms of physical therapy and acupuncture, as well.

For Appointment to see a member of our pain management team, Dr. Cris Rincon, Dr. Nagy Darwish or Stefanie Luxton (physiotherapist) Ė please call 284 494 2181. You can also request an appointment online through this website.

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