• Located in the British Virgin Islands, the Bougainvillea Clinic is the only private hospital in the territory. We offer general hospital services, including surgical specialties such as ENT surgery, orthopedic and spinal surgery, general, gynecology, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and more.

    Built on the remains of an early seventeenth-century Dutch fort, our hospital is locally known as the “Purple Palace”. Centrally located in Road Town, the capital of the BVI, it has a magnificent view of Road Harbour and surrounding islands.

    The Bougainvillea Clinic has held a world-renowned reputation for excellence in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery since it was first opened in 1973 by Dr. Robin Tattersall, FRCS(I), OBE. The Clinic began its transformation into a general hospital with a focus on the surgical specialties in 2007, when a special relationship was forged with the doctors of Eureka Medical Clinic. In January 2010, in a pre-retirement move, Dr. Tattersall finally transferred ownership of the clinic to Dr. Heskith Vanterpool of Eureka.

    Under new ownership and management, the Bougainvillea Clinic is now undergoing transformation into a modern hospital.
    Nevertheless, every effort is being made to retain the special warmth and charm that both the clinic and its staff are traditionally known for, with safety and attention to detail being our main concerns.

Why should you come to us?

  • Our experienced doctors, caring staff, and the peaceful seclusion of the Clinic make surgery and convalescence at our clinic a pleasantly memorable experience for local and overseas patients alike. Our hospital is now served by an increasing number of specialist surgeons and physicians who have previously worked for many years in senior positions in hospitals in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, and in up-to-date facilities in other Caribbean Islands. The range of medical, surgical, and diagnostic services that we offer is impressive and of high level, to say the least.

Medical Tourism

  • Not only are we providing the residents and visiting population with medical services that previously required patients to travel overseas (often by air ambulance), but Medical Tourism is a growing part of our business. Be it plastic/aesthetic surgery with Dr. Leonard Harris, total hip or knee joint replacement, or spinal surgery with Dr. Christoph Ahrens, our clinic is attracting clients from as far afield as Europe, Canada, the United States, South America, and other Caribbean Islands.

    The British Virgin Islands is the sailing and diving capital of the world and has some top quality hotels and inns. While you are quietly recovering, your family could be here in the islands with you.

Our Hospital

  • Our hospital has two operating theatres and a newly built, State of the Art Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory. In-patient rooms are available, on private or semi-private terms, with twenty-four hour nursing care.
    Our physiotherapy department compliments the orthopedic and spinal surgery services very well, and treats patients referred from outside doctors also.
    Patients also have direct access to the best Imaging Services you can find anywhere else in the world, which includes X-Ray, CT Scan, Ultrasonography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

    Through association with the nearby Eureka Medical Clinic and Medicure Laboratory and Pharmacy, our patients have quick and easy access to a complete range of lab tests and medications.

  • Opening hours: Mondays to Sundays, 8am - 8pm.