Dr. Heskith Vanterpool MBBS, FRCP (Lond.), MSc (Cardiology) - Cardiologist ▼

Dr. Vanterpool graduated MBBS(Hons), from The University of the West Indies Medical School in 1978, has Postgraduate training in Internal Medicine in the UK, and he became a Member of the Royal College of Physicians, MRCP (UK) in 1982. This was followed by training in Gastroenterology at Charing Cross and West Middlesex University Hospitals, London.

He returned to the BVI in 1985 as a Consultant Physician in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology at Peebles Hospital, and also started to build a private practice which has grown into a multispecialty facility, the Eureka Medical Clinic.

Dr. Vanterpool was also Chief of Medical Staff at Peebles Hospital, Tortola for a 2 year period (2004-2005).

After 20 years of service in the BVI as a specialist in internal medicine, gastroenterology and general practice, he returned to the UK for a 2 year studying period in Non-invasive Cardiology, obtaining MSC in Cardiology with distinction, from the Imperial College, London, and accreditation with the British Society of Echocardiography (BSE).

In 2010 Dr. Vanterpool was elected Fellow of the royal college of Physicians of London. In that very year, he and his wife, Mrs. Jean Vanterpool, purchased and became the owners and Directors of the Bougainvillea Clinic, Private Hospital.

He also provides Cardiac Pacemaker Services in the BVI and most recently established a State of the Art Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, first ever in the territory, at the Bougainvillea Clinic.

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Dr. Kwesi Davis MMBS,DM - Consultant ENT Surgeon ▼

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Dr. Adeyinka Orimoloye MBBS, DM - Medical Internist ▼

Dr. Orimoloye obtained his Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Obafemi Awolowo University lle-lfe, Nigeria in 1997. He gained his Post graduate experience at the University of llorin, Kwara State and Bodinga Hospitals Sokoto State, Nigeria.

He migrated to Jamaica in 2001 where he worked as a Medical Officer at the Osuntuyi Medical Centre and the Mandeville Regional Hospital. He then pursued and completed his PhD in Internal Medicine with major in Cardiology and Nephrology in 2012 and was appointed to the position of Consultant Internist at the Mandeville Regional Hospital in 2013 managing the Hemodialysis Unit.

Dr. Orimoloye then migrated to Bermuda in 2014 where he worked at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital as a Consultant Hospitalist before migrating to the British Virgin Islands in 2017 to work here at the Bougainvillea Clinic.

He has participated in several medical presentations and has an international Journal Publication titled "Pattern of energy drink consumption and associated adverse symptoms among University students", published in the British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research 2013.

At the Bougainvillea Clinic, Dr. Orimoloye practices in Internal Medicine specializing in the treatment of Chronic Illnesses such as Hypertension and Diabetes, and with special interest in Neurology.

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Dr. Craig Stoutt MBBS, DM - Anesthesiologist ▼

Son of the soil of the British Virgin Islands, Dr. Craig Stoutt offers his services in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at the Bougainvillea Clinic. He completed his Bachelors of Science in Biology, Summa Cum Laude, at the University of the Virgin Islands in 1997 and went on to complete his Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery in 2003 at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica. He pursued his passion for Anaesthesia and Intensive care by obtaining his DM in this specialty in 2012.

His training and experience at the Kingston Public Hospital, Heart Institute of the Caribbean and the Bustamante Hospital for Children, has equipped him with the wealth of knowledge and skills necessary for the field of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care.

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Dr. Christoph Ahrens MD - Orthopedic Surgeon ▼

Dr. Christoph Ahrens graduated from Frankfurt University, Germany in 1992 (MBBS equivalent). He obtained a postgraduate Doctor degree (MD) in 1995, and Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon qualification attained in 2000. He trained in Emstek and Marburg University Trauma Centre for 3 years. Dr. Ahrens then obtained additional work experience in orthopaedics in Lincoln, UK as well as in Tawam University Hospital, UAE where he worked with an international team of surgeons.

He was Certified to have Completed Specialist Training (CCST) in orthopaedic surgery by the General Medical Council of the UK in 2001 and was appointed consultant Orthopaedic surgeon at Pilgrim Hospital Boston, UK. In 2002 he worked as an honorary consultant at Oxford University Hospital in Headington and there gained additional experience in complex and revision total joint replacement surgery. After this fellowship the College of Surgeons in England recognized his German qualifications as equivalent and supported his permanent NHS consultant appointment in Boston.

Dr. Ahrens main specialty is joint replacements of the hip and knee. Since 2003 he has taken a special interest in minimal invasive total hip replacement surgery and has accumulated a lot of experience with the anterior single incision approach. This experience was consolidated during his last 9 years of practice in Bega, Australia.

In Australia Dr. Ahrens was based in the rural town of Bega where he had a Consultant VMO appointment. He consulted from his private office and traveled to five rural hospitals supplying general orthopaedic care, operations and trauma on-call service.

Dr Ahrens has broad experience in common Orthopaedic and Trauma conditions gained in his various international appointments. He performs elective procedures such as, but not limited to, arthroscopy of the knee, decompression and rotator cuff repair of the shoulder, common foot and hand problems.

Dr. Ahrens now works primarily from Bougainvillea Clinic, but also attends to trauma on-call services and a weekly fracture clinic at the Peebles Hospital.

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Dr. Dwayne Thwaites MD - FACS Diplomat of the American Board of Urology ▼

Dr. Dwayne Thwaites is a Urologic Surgeon(urologist), board certified by the American Board of Urology.

A citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, Dr. Thwaites did his undergraduate medical training at the University of Miami School of Medicine, 1988-1992. He then did his General Surgery Residency at State University of New York at Brooklyn, 1992 -1997. After a brief stint of work in general surgery back in the West Indies, Dr. Thwaites returned to the USA to specialize in Urology , where he was a resident in the Department of Urology, Emory University School of Medicine 2002-2003, then resident and Chief Resident, Department of Urology, at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, 2003-2007.

During his training Dr. Thwaites distinguished himself by winning many academic awards and honors. He has done important research and published several articles related to the field of urology, among them, a chapter on TransUrethral Resection of the prostate in the textbook:

Transurethral Resection of the Prostate: Medical Management of Surgical Patients: 4th Edition (132):787-790. Cambridge University Press, 2006.

Dr. Thwaites is currently a Urologist at Albemarle Hospital in Elizabeth City, North Carolina and visiting Urologist in BVI, Nevis and in Antigua.

In BVI he does consultations and performs surgery at the Bougainvillea Clinic Private Hospital.

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Dr. Che Bowen, MBBS - General Practitioner ▼

Dr. Ché Bowen completed his Bachelor of Medicine in 2008 and Bachelor of Surgery in 2010 at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica. He has worked in various areas of Medicine and Surgery, including Accident and Emergency, Orthopaedics and Plastic Surgery, as a Medical Officer, which has afforded him the knowledge, skills and expertise, necessary for his role as a Family Physician.

As the General Practitioner at the Bougainvillea Clinic, Dr. Bowen diagnoses and treats a wide range of medical conditions. He has a keen interest in general wellness and chronic illnesses, including the management of Hypertension, Diabetes, Respiratory Disorders and skin conditions.

"As a family physician, my goal is to promote wellness to the entire family through regular physicals and screenings, while maintaining an open communication for better understanding of current health conditions and potential diseases" Dr. C. Bowen.

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Dr. James G. Liburd MBBS, DM, FCCS - Neurosurgeon ▼

Born out of Nevis, Dr. James Liburd pursued and completed his Bachelors Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of the West Indies Mona campus in Jamaica, in 1998. He then spent some time working in Surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Accident and Emergency and Neurosurgery.

Dr. Liburd obtained his postgraduate qualification from the University of the West Indies, Jamaica in 2013. He gained extensive training and experience in the United States of America, United Kingdom and Jamaica, working along the best in his field.

He is a member of the following societies:

• Medical Association of Jamaica
• Medical Doctors Association
• American Association of Neurological Surgeons International Member
• Jamaican League against Epilepsy
• Congress of Neurological Surgeons International Member
• Association of Surgeons of Jamaica
• Fellow of the Caribbean College of Surgeons

He has also participated in research including "Study of the outcome of cervical decompression with and without fusion", "Distribution and presentation of Posterior Fossa Tumours in Jamaica", 2006, among others.

Dr. Liburd currently practices as a Neurosurgeon at a Liguanea Pro Medical Centre, Kingston, Jamaica; Consultant Neurosurgeon at the Kingston Public Hospital and Bustamante Hospital for Children; and Associate Lecturer at the Department of Surgery, University of the West Indies, Jamaica.

He visits the Bougainvillea Clinic, Private Hospital periodically where he provides services in all areas of neurosurgery, including spinal surgeries.

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Dr. Leonard Harris MD, M.s., FRCSC - Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon ▼

Dr. Leonard Harris is the Division Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital and Director of the Harris Plastic Surgery Clinic, Ontario

With over 20 years of experience in the field of Plastic Surgery, Dr Harris is well seasoned in his practice. He completed his Bachelors in Biomedical Science with Honours in 1994 and went on to pursue his Masters in Pathology in 1986. He completed his training in Medicine in 1989 at the University of Toronto and in 1990 he attended the University of Alberta where he did his residency in Plastic Surgery which he completed in 1995.

He has practiced at the Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, Scarborough General Hospital, Toronto East Hospital, St. Catharines General Hospital and the Hotel Dieu Hospital, Ontario.

He has been the recipient of many awards including the George Brown Memorial Award for Research Accomplishment. He is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Plastic Surgery). He has also participated in research and has quite a number of written abstracts in the field of Plastic Surgery.

Dr Harris currently visits the Bougainvillea Clinic, Private Hospital, periodically and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and skill in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery. His services include:

• Breast augmentation, lifts, reduction and reconstruction,
• Tummy tucks
• Face lifts
• Thigh lifts
• Nose surgery
• Botox treatments
• Skin cancer screening and surgery
• and much more

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Doctors with admitting privileges

Dr. Fredrick Goldsmith-Allya MBBS, FRCSI, DRCSI, DTM, DHI - General Surgeon ▼

Dr. Goldsmith obtained his MB,BS degree from Gauhati Medical College, India in 1991. In 1999 he obtained the FRCS (Ireland) in surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin. He also underwent structured surgical training in a 6 year residency program by the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, after which he was awarded the DRCSI. Following this period of training, he worked as a surgical tutor for the final year medical students in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. After 12 years work in Ireland in the field of general & laparoscopic abdominal surgery he has joined the Eureka Medical Clinic in November 2009. He also has special interest in Breast & Colorectal surgery in which he has spent 3 years each, respectively.

At the Eureka Medical Clinic, he carries out endoscopic procedures of the stomach and colon, both diagnostic and therapeutic. Laparoscopic procedures (sometimes called key-hole or minimal access procedures) for gallstones, appendixes, perforated bowel and Surgical procedures such as bowel operations for small or large intestinal obstruction and for cancer of the colon are also carried out at Bougainvillea.

Additionally, Dr. Goldsmith has special expertise in breast surgery. With an emphasis of triple assessment of breast complaint (clinical examination, mammography & breast ultrasound, with ultrasound guided breast biopsy - all done at Eureka) procedures from excision of benign breast lump to surgery for breast cancer are offered depending on diagnosis.

Apart from these, general surgical procedures such as for hernias, varicose veins, surgery for testis & scrotum, anal surgery, excisions of lesions both benign & malignant with skin grafting are carried out. Emergencies for acute abdomen such as for perforated bowel & obstructed bowel are also offered.

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Dr. Pradeep Ramoutar MBBS, MFFP, FRCOG, CCT (O&G) - Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist ▼

After completing a bachelors degree in Physics, Dr. Ramoutar obtained his undergraduate medical education (MBBS) at the University of the West Indies, Mona campus in Jamaica, from which he graduated as a medical doctor in 1980. He then spent several years working in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in his native island of Trinidad before moving to the UK in 1990 to complete his postgraduate training in that field.

Dr. Ramoutar obtained his postgraduate MRCOG qualification from the Royal college of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in 1991, and MFFP ( Membership in the Faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive HealthCare) from the RCOG in 1993. He became a Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (FRCOG) in 2003. In 2006 he obtained the UK Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) as a Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. In addition, Dr. Ramoutar possesses skill certifications in Colposcopy (for detection and treatment of early cervical cancer) and in Obstetric Leadership on the Labour Ward. With over 20 years of training and work experience in all aspects of obstetrics and gynecologic surgery in the UK, the last 3 years as Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust, Queen’s Medical Center, it is fair to say that Dr. Ramoutar is very experienced in his field.

In January 2010 Dr. Ramoutar moved to the BVI where he now offers his services as Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at the Eureka Medical and Bougainvillea Clinics. The range of services offered include but not limited to well-woman check-ups, cervical and breast cancer screening,(colposcopy and cervical surgery), family planning and contraception, Infertility evaluation and treatment, management of ectopic pregnancy, management of pregnancy and a complete range of gynaecologic surgery –D&Cs, hysterectomy, ovarian surgery, diagnostic laparoscopy and therapeutic laparoscopic surgery.

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Dr. P. Raj Tangutoori, MBBS, MD - Internist / General Practitioner ▼

Dr. Tangutoori graduated MBBS in 1981, from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.

He then completed postgraduate training in Internal Medicine, obtaining the Medical Diploma (M.D.) from the same University in 1986.

After working as Consultant in Internal Medicine in various Caribbean Islands for a period of 9 years, Dr. Tangutoori joined Eureka Medical Clinic in 1999, where he has developed a very broad-based general medical practice, with a special interest in asthma and other allergy related conditions; for both adults and children.

As a General Internist, Dr. Tangutoori sees patients with a full range of medical problems, both simple and complex, and subsequently referring them when necessary to the appropriate sub- specialists, in our clinic or outside.

Conditions for which he commonly sees patients include:
• Hypertension, shortness of breath, palpitations, chest pains, cardiac or heart related conditions; ECGs are performed and when necessary referral for other cardiac assessment and tests, such as echocardiography, treadmill exercise stress tests, stress echocardiography or 24 hour Holter ECG monitoring are performed
• Bronchial asthma, sinus problems, post nasal drips and other allergic respiratory conditions, chronic bronchitis, COPD, other respiratory (Lung) related problems;
• Indigestion and other digestive disorders, peptic ulceration, diarrhea and constipation, blood in stool;
• Urinary tract infections and urinary disorders such as blood in the urine (hematuria), kidney stones, and other kidney diseases;
• Arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and other joint problems; collagen vascular disorders, for instance: Lupus erythematosus;
• Diabetes, cholesterol and other lipid related disorders, other metabolic disorders; thyroid problems- including over active thyroids (hyperthyroidism) and under active thyroid problems (hypothyroidism);
• Neurological disorders, strokes, TIAs, all types of headaches, including migraine headaches, seizures or epilepsy;

Dr. Tangutoori performs allergy testing and lung function assessments. Ear syringing for impacted ear wax is also a frequently performed procedure.

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Juliane Potgeiter BSc (Exercise Science) - Physiotherapist ▼

Juliane completed her physiotherapy training at the Medical School for Physiotherapy, Zwickau, Germany in 2000. She worked as a Physiotherapist for 4 years in Germany before migrating to the British Virgin Island in 2005 where she worked as a Spa Therapist until 2006 and as a Spa Supervisor 2006-2007. She then returned to Germany in 2008 where she practiced as Head Physiotherapist at the Heidi Wolf Physiotherapy Practice.

She joined the Bougainvillea Clinic team in 2011 and is an enthusiastic, team oriented individual who holds certification in the following areas:

• Manual Therapy
• Manual Lymphatic Drainage
• Cranio-sacral therapy
• Therapeutic Massages
• And more

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Nurse aesthetician

Enda Ruffell Smith RN - Aesthetician ▼

Our nurse aesthetician is devoted to the care of our patients’ skin. Sun damage, uneven pigmentation and blemishes, acne and wrinkles receive her expert attention. After consultation with our doctor, she develops a skin care protocol appropriate for each patient and will advise and follow up on their care.

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  • Dr. Fredrick Goldsmith-Allya
  • Dr. Pradeep Ramoutar
  • Dr. P. Raj Tangutoori
  • Dr. Juliet Wade
  • Dr. Hubert O'Neal ,MBBS, DO
  • Dr. Marjorie Yee Sing, MBBS, FRCS, FACS
  • Enda Ruffel-Smith
  • Juliane Potgieter