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A Facelift and Tummy-Tuck for Bougainvillea

January 8, 2011, exactly one year after Bougainvillea Clinic changed hands, the west wing of the property re-emerged in public after undergoing " major reconstructive surgery, a face lift, a tummy tuck, liposuction and a lot of laser resurfacing for better cosmetic effect". This is not unlike the plastic and reconstructive surgery for which the clinic is locally and internationally renown, under its former owner, Dr. Robin Tattersall. Furthermore, because of the advanced age of the building (build in the late 1950s) the west wing also had various fractures repaired , joints replaced and major spinal surgery, in keeping with the Orthopedic and Spinal Surgery , for which the clinic has is now renown thanks to Dr. Nagy Darwish and his team.

Don't be fooled by the plain purple wall of the building as you pass behind it on Abbott Road. The surprise begins at the main entrance. As you step into an expanded atrium or foyer, there is the stunning view of Road Harbour and the outer islands in front of you and on your right the naturally, sea-breeze cooled open waiting area for those who do not like air-conditioning. Alternatively, choose the spacious, comfortable air-conditioned waiting room, from which you will be awed by the reception area-an elegant renovation of the old 'Chinese bar' with a modern flavor. The Chinese bar was installed in its current place 50 yrs ago ( but the pieces are believed to be several hundred years old, obtained by collectors from an old Chinese Dynasty home in the early 1900s)

We have also kept, and spruced up, the central atrium with the old but beautiful chandelier, four Greek columns, and ceiling wall paper as was installed in the original building 50 yrs ago.

Then step into the Doctors consulting rooms. You will find a beautiful combination of modern office amenities and the original cast-iron balustrades (rails) at the windows ,(for an excellent view without the noise of the hustle and bustle of Road Town and of the harbour). Look behind you and admire the old Roman Columns with arch. You'll even find a real fire placed as installed by the original owner in 1959. The Balustrades and the Roman columns were reportedly obtained from one of the homes of Mark Twain ( yes, the famous American writer), and are said to be registered by the Mark Twain Historical Society.

Then the famous verandah -now been converted into much needed rooms for our other services, each room with its stunning view.

Finally the old kitchen has been changed unrecognizably to become our modern physiotherapy and rehabilitation department, well equipped with relevant physiotherapy/gym equipment. This department is easy to access and a pleasure to behold. It is a major complement to the Orthopedic and Spinal Surgery services that are offered here at Bougainvillea.

So Stay tuned to our news bulletins. We'll bring you updates about the hospital and its services as they happen.

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